5 Best hair growth tips and products

Long hair of girls and some hair oils.

Everyone wants their hair to grow faster and stronger. But the problem is that due to today’s food and lifestyle, hair growth of individual has deteriorated. So, if you are also thinking of ways to increase your hair, then we are going to tell you that solution through this article. This means that here you … Read more

The Case of Courtney Clenney. When Only Fans Model Became a Murderer

Courtney clenney with her boyfriend

This is the case of Courtney Clenney, the only fans model who became murderer of her boyfriend. Money is the most important part of any person’s needs, but it is not necessary that money also brings peace and tranquility in life. The best example of this is a similar case that took place in United … Read more

Japanese scientist invented fuel for space rockets from cow dung

As we all know Japanese scientists are known all over the world for there crazy and best inventions. Some of the revolutionary inventions done by Japanese are of LED bulbs , cameras, batteries, electric rice cooker, calculators, instant ramen , flash memory , car navigation etc,. But recently Japanese company interstellar invented rocket fuel made … Read more

15 % immigrants left Canada in few years only

Recently a report showed that at least 15% of immigrants have left Canada till 2023. The bubble of glitz and glamor life there has now started bursting. For the past few years, thousands of people have been leaving Canada and shifting to other countries. Due to this, the risk of shrinking of Canada’s economy is … Read more

Shark tank India season 3 judges net worth will shock you

Shark tank India season 3 has started with a bang. This season two new investors /judges Ritesh Aggarwal and Deepinder Goyal has been added into the Shark tank. ‘Shark Tank India’ is currently one of the most popular shows on Indian television. In this business reality show, entrepreneurs have to present their business models to a panel … Read more

War Alert- After Israel Palestine war, Iran Pakistan war is going to start

On 15 Jan 2024 Iran launched strikes on Pakistan based terrorist group named as Jaish ul-Adl. Iran had attacked the terrorist bases of Jaish-ul-Adal in Balochistan, Pakistan. Jaish ul-Adl is also known as ‘Army of Justice’. Jaish-ul-adl wants to liberate Baluchistan province of Iran and have ambitions to form a new country out of it. … Read more

US shoots down Houthis missile in the Red Sea, why Yemen’s rebels attacking ships?

   Yemen’s Houthi rebels on Sunday fired an anti-ship cruise missile at an American ship in the Red Sea, which was shot down by an American fighter plane. Officials gave this information. Amid Israel’s war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, there have been recent attacks affecting the movement of ships globally. Houthi rebels, who … Read more