Magdalena Solis – Serial Killer

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Magdalena Solis - Serial Killer  High Priestess of Blood
Magdalena Solis

 Short Story of Magdalena Solis A Worst Serial killer                         

 Magdalena Solis’ date of birth is unknown. It is estimated it was in the 1930s. As a young peasant girl she sold her body for sex, with her brother Eleazar acting as her pimp.
Magdalena’s ‘big break’ came when she and her brother were approached by the Hernandez brothers, a pair of criminals who had a money making scheme in mind, with a bit of sexual motivation thrown in. The brothers planned on exhorting the poor, superstitious, peasant folk in the area out of their money, and into their beds, by showing them a god! 

At first they had claimed they were Inca Priests (even though the Inca’s are in Peru, not Mexico), and they said they had a wealth of gold to share with the villages, should the villages keep them, the priests’, bodies cleansed… the best way to cleanse the body was to have sex with them, repeatedly and often. This worked for them for a while, but after eventually the villages wanted to know where their promised gold was, so the Hernandez brothers needed to try something different. Using smoke and a dark, dank cave, they presented Magdalena as the reincarnation of an Inca goddess. This done, it restored the faith of most of the villages.

The main problem with the Hernandez brothers’ scheme was that they had chosen a brutal, sadistic mad-woman to be their god! If a villager ever started to doubt that Magdalena was a deity, they would be named as ‘unbelievers’. As an unbeliever, they would need to be sacrificed, ritualistically. The ritual Magdalena favored consisted of the brutal beating, burning, cutting and maiming of the victims. Their blood was then mixed with chicken blood and marijuana, and the ‘god’ demanded the blood be consumed by the faithful using ceremonial goblets – after which, everyone had to have sex with everyone else. She called the ritual   “el ritual de la sangre” – meaning “The Ritual of Blood”. It wasn’t long before Magdalena had many fanatical followers in the villagers.

Over a six week period it was estimated that eight villagers were sacrificed in this manner. They only stopped when 14 year old school boy Sebastian Guerrero was walking in the woods one night and heard sounds coming from a cave. He made his way over and witnessed one of these sacrifices. He was so scared by what he saw that he ran 17 miles to the neighboring village to tell the police what he’d seen. The scene described by Sebastian was so far fetched that the police didn’t believe him, and laughed at his tales. Sebastian was obviously distraught, so to keep him happy they sent one officer back with him to the scene. Neither were ever seen alive again. The police officers disappearance in particularly prompted the police to create a type of task force, made up of police officers and soldiers, to go in search of him.

On 31 May, 1963 the task force raided the site described by Sebastian. It was there that they found the murdered remains of Sebastian and Officer Luis Martinez. Martinez’s heart had been torn from his chest. The police found Magdalena and her brother stoned off their faces at a nearby home. They were arrested without a struggle. The same cannot be said for the Hernandez brothers nor of Magdalena’s villager followers. There was a classic ‘shoot-out’ with the police which resulted in one of the Hernandez brothers being killed. It was later found that the other brother had been killed by one of their ‘supporters’ – a man who had realized the truth and decided he wanted his own cut in the profits. Magdalena and Eleazar Solis were sentenced to 50 years in prison for only two homicides (those of Guerrero and Martinez), they were not able to confirm their participation in the other six murders because all the cult members arrested refused to testify. The followers were sentenced to 30 years in prison.
Who knows how long her bloodthirsty reign would have lasted had that poor school boy not walked past when he did.

Photo: Magdalena Solis – High Priestess of Blood
Inset upper: A Bloody Goblet… just because
Inset lower: The village of Yerba Buena, Mexico

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