Mandy – The Haunted Doll Lives at the Quesnel Museum at British Colambia

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Mandy Haunted Doll Quesnel Museum British Colambia
Mandy at the Quesnel Museum

Mandy – The Haunted Doll

This story is about a doll located in the Quesnel Museum in British Columbia. The Haunted Doll Mandy is an antique porcelain doll over 90 years old supposedly made in Germany or England around 1910 or 1920. She was donated to the Quesnel museum in 1991. What makes her so unusual is the powers some say she possesses.

Mysterious Story of Haunted Doll – Mandy 

Her previous owner related to the Quesnel museum all the strange things she is supposedly capable of. The donor would wake up to the sounds of a crying baby in the basement. Upon inspection, she found an open window and no baby. After The Haunted doll Mandy was donated to the Quesnel museum, the crying stopped. However, the Quesnel museum staff and volunteers problems were just beginning. Lunches would mysteriously disappear from the refrigerator and be found tucked away in a drawer. Objects such as pens, books and pictures would go missing. Some would turn up later. Others were never found. Footsteps were heard when no one was around.

When she first arrived at the Quesnel museum, the haunted doll Mandy didn’t have a “permanent” place within the building. She sat facing the public entrance and provided fodder for visitors. Later, she was placed in a case alone in another part of the Quesnel museum. Rumors stated she couldn’t be placed with any other dolls, as she would harm them. Then again, she may not like being by herself. After being locked in a room, staff found papers thrown all around the room as if she allegedly had a tantrum. She’s been known to “play” around with electrical equipment, causing them to malfunction. Visitors have claimed to feel uneasy or sad around her. Some say her eyes have a tendency to blink or follow people around the room. Her fingers and head move on their own as well.

If the Haunted Doll Mandy is as bad as some say, how did she become possessed in the first place? No one knows for certain. Although, there’s a possible legend. There is a story, which has the doll being trapped in a basement with a little girl. She died and supposedly her spirit became trapped within the doll. Many years after this allegedly happened the doll was found in the basement after hearing a child crying. When they found it, the doll was crying tears of blood. Don’t believe there is any evidence to prove this story to be fact or fiction as of now. Either way, it doesn’t stop people from flocking to Quesnel Museum, hoping to see the haunted doll Mandy put on a show.

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