Ten Most Beautiful Queens and Princesses from History

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The website beautifulpeople.com has just released its list of the most beautiful royals in history based on the survey of 127,000 people. According to the list, Princess Grace of Monaco, an Oscar-winning actress Grace Kelly is named as the most beautiful princess ever. The second place is Queen Rania of Jordan. Especially, the bride-to-be Kate Middleton, who will become part of the Royal Family when she marries Prince William on April 29, will be one among the most beautiful princesses in history at the third place. Other beauties who are also honored in top ten are Princess Charlotte of Monaco, Princess Gayatri Devi, Princess Madeline of Sweden, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Princess Margaret and Princess Masako of Japan.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton surpasses her husband’s late mother, Princess Diana in the list of the most beautiful princesses and queens in history

American talented actress Grace Kelly
American talented actress Grace Kelly, who married Prince Monaco Rainier III in 1956, tops the poll as the most beautiful royal in history with 91 per cent.

Princess Charlotte of Monaco
Princess Charlotte of Monaco is named at the fifth place with 76 per cent

Princess Gayatri Devi
Princess Gayatri Devi, who died in 2009 at the age of 90, is recognized as one of ten most beautiful royals in history at the sixth place with 75 per cent

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark
Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is named at the eighth place with 72 per cent

Princess Diana
Princess Diana, who is well-known for not only her attractive beauty but also a fashion icon worldwide, is honored in the forth place in the list with 82 per cent.

Queen Rania of Jordan
Queen Rania of Jordan, one of the most powerfully influential women in the world, ranks the second place with 90 per cent

Princess Margaret
Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Elizabeth II, ranks the ninth place in the list with 70 per cent.

Princess Madeline of Sweden
The seventh place is Princess Madeline of Sweden with 74 per cent

Princess Masako of Japan
Princess Masako of Japan stands at the tenth place in the list with 68 per cent

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