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The Grand Grimoire : SATANIC BIBLE

The Grand Grimoire Was found in Jerusalem in 1750 in the tomb of Solomon. Written around 1200 A.D. This book is said to contain writings on how to summon Satan, and other demons such as Pazuzu. Also its said to contain the locations of different biblical artifacts, and that the book can not be damaged, cant be burnt, cut, torn or destroyed. Now where can you find this mysterious powerful book? Its found in the Secret Vatican Archives

Extra Reading about The Grand Grimoire : SATANIC BIBLE :

The Grand Grimoire is a black magic grimoire. Different editions date the book to 1521, 1522 or 1421, but it was probably written in the early 19th century. It was authored by someone named Antonia Venitiana del Rabina who supposedly gathered this information from original writings of King Solomon. Also known as “The Red Dragon”, this book contains instructions purported to summon Lucifer or Lucifuge Rofocale, for the purpose of forming a Deal with the Devil. The book is called “Le Veritable Dragon Rouge” (“The True Red Dragon”) in Haiti, where it is revered among many practitioners of Voodoo.[citation needed] It is claimed they were placed under King Solomon’s throne by the devil to tempt him.

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