Twitter Is Burning With Rahul Gandhi’s (#Pappu) School Notes. Lok Sabha Laugh Riot ON

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Rahul Gandhi aka Pappu, might have been nominated as the youth icon at the age of 40, but that his brain is still childlike justifies that he could have been on the nomination list for Cartoon Network – Child Awards. But with no offence to his leadership skill and good looks 😉 , and why did he carry those “cheat notes” with him to the Lok Sabha. Indeed, the Sabha was on fire yesterday with Sushma Swaraj, burning the Congressmen and drinking water throughout while delivering fiery speech.

But what caught the Media attention was just two things, firstly what Arun Jaitley had to say about the Pappu of the Nation.

“Rahul Gandhi is an expert without knowledge” – This quote in going down the history and will remain there till politics persist.

And, if this was not enough, this pic just circulated in the web and Poor Rahul is again getting some really good hilarious bashing on Twitter.

And, from here on began Rahul Gandhi’s tryst with Twitter


Learn By Heart My Kid – & You Will Not Understand Politics Anytime Soon

Yes, This Guy is Right. Our Heart Felt Condolences for the Sheet – That Failed You

Such “cheat sheet” is really shit and have failed him time and again. Ask You Mom next time Pappu but then also you may fail . So Sorry!

Just for Laugh!

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