OMG – Obscene Video Of Hardik Patel Leaked & Going Viral

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Hardik Patel Obscene Image

The whole India is talking about 22 years old Hardik Patel who was an unknown person just a couple of months back. The social media is buzzed with articles on him and every publication house and media house wants to interview him but a video has surfaced in the social media which can tore apart the image of Hardik Patel. The video shows Hardik having physical intercourse with a girl and his friends can also be seen in the video, however nothing can be said about the timing of the video.

This video released by “Bhadas for India” and it can severely hamper not only the image of Hardik but it will also affect the movement which has been led by Hardik. Hardik doesn’t have a good image after the violence that took place in his rally, he speaking style reminds of Togadia and his working style matches with Arvind Kejriwal. Law is nothing for him and his friends, they are demanding reservation while driving their Audi and Mercedez.

Hardik has announced that he will take his movement to the other parts of the country also and will meet all the leaders who are demanding reservation for their communities.

First watch the video which shows Hardik Patel in a poor light:

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