14 Amazing Things You Don’t Know About Google

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Last year, 2,161,530,000,000 searches were made through Google, yet a majority of those people probably never knew Google can do SO much more…

We put together a list of helpful things Google can do for you, along with a few fun secrets that not many people know about.

1. Make Google do tricks for you. Type the words “do a barrel roll” and watch what happens…

2. Google can help you decide what to eat for dinner

3. You can get the weather forecast of any city just by typing the city followed by “forecast.”

4. You can play the hidden game “zerg rush”

5. Google can give you movie times.

6. Google can help you split the bill.

7. Type the word “tilt” and see what happens….

8. Google can give you info on any company.

9. Google can tell you when your favorite show is on.

10. Google can be your personal timer.

11. Google can search a specific site for content.

12. Google can give you the sunrise and sunset in any city

13. Google can help you find songs by bands you like.

14. Google can give you movie release dates.

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