Know The Sex Life and Habits Of The 12 Zodiac Signs

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It has been proven that, for a healthy relationship, the two people involved should be happy with each other in bed. We try different techniques, and give each other hints regarding our wants. I am here to solve some of your confusion, go ahead and find out what your partner’s zodiac says about their sexual habits and life. 

1. Aries Sex Life & Habits

Striking like lightening, Aries is a fiery mix of energy and toughness, and this sign’s got the power of surprise on their side. Aries crave new and exciting sexual experiences. Cardinal signs such as Aries live to take the lead in bed. Unfortunately, like lightening, Aries can fizzle just as fast. They strive to be first when it comes to everything, even, you guessed it, climaxing. Needless to say, sleeping with someone who treats sex like a competition can grow tiring. They mostly like to make love in the outdoors.

2. Taurus Sex Life & Habits

Taurus has great stamina. Plus, ruled by Venus, this sign has got sensuality in spades. So, sing sweetly, wear soft fabrics, spritz on the perfume, paint on the rouge and cover your sexy spots in honey, because with a bull, none of those details go to waste. Believed to be a little set in their ways, once Taurus natives find the tricks to turn you on, they might stick with them. Generally lacking spontaneity and typically adopting a traditional attitude towards sex, Taurus could be empty calories for those who value unpredictability. They eat a lot in bed

3. Gemini Sex Life & Habits

Geminis are energetic and curious. They live to learn and are pros at connecting. Active in mind and body, their sexual style is constantly evolving. To a Gemini, nothing is taboo, making them one of the most sexually open signs of the zodiac. But like their attention span, their libido can be short-lived. As quickly as a Gemini can turn you on, this sign may have a change of heart and decide to spend the night watching TV instead. The twins’ sex drive can be inconsistent, so always have a plan B for getting them back in the mood. They like it oral!

4. Cancer Sex Life & Habits

Cancer is incomparable when it comes to making you feel secure; they hold you so tight like nobody else could. At their best, they pour all their sweetest emotions into the sex, making their affection gold—even if you just met. Don’t be surprised if sex with a Cancer sparks an instant spiritual connection. The downside? Similar to a pendulum, moody Cancer can transform from caring to insensitive. As a result, sex may become rough and detached. Sure, it seems fun for a minute, but when a crab is feeling defensive, sex may not be enjoyable

5. Leo Sex Life & Habits

Leos have the reputation of loving themselves more than anyone else and
this makes them lazy in bed. Still, as per their symbol they love to
dominate. Regal Leos follow an ultra-romantic protocol. Passionate and
bold, hooking up with one, no matter how long the duration, will make
you feel like you’re in a Harlequin novel. Expect only a few limits on
the extravagance, ambiance and drama. They may revel in your worship,
while neglecting to shower you with the same level of affection. They
are sub par when it comes to relationships.

6. Virgo Sex Life & Habits

 Exuding a prudish sexual image is important to the Virgo. The Virgo aims to please. They’ll adapt their skills to your needs, aiming for efficient release. At the same time, while Virgos tend to be quick-witted, their genius sometimes escapes them in bed. Virgo’s aren’t the best initiators of sex, which may put you permanently in charge.

7. Libra Sex Life & Habits 

 They lie about the sexual fantasies they have. Partnership and elegance are Libra’s priorities. With them, sex is all about creating a beautiful experience. When you hop in the sack with a Libra you truly are making love. On the flip side, as notorious people-pleasers, Libras may require psychological pliers when it comes to discussing their sexual needs. Their non-confrontational nature may mean they neglect their wants for their lover’s and then become passive aggressive.

8. Scorpio Sex Life & Habits 

Sex sex sex, yes this is what a Scorpian wants. They are truly addicted to it and need a rehab. The Scorpio is the ruler of sex, making it like a second language to them. However, forget a safe word, because when you give up your boundaries, you get the best of them—namely, unconditional sexual devotion. Yet, Scorpio mind-games can be fatal (to your sex life, at least). Scorpios are clever at striking below the belt while making themselves out to be the victims. Be mindful of the sexual secrets you share in the bed, because if their sense of control wanes, they may be tempted to smear your reputation.

9. Sagittarius Sex Life & Habits

Sex with an exploratory, open-minded, optimistic Sagittarius can be like a trip to an amusement park. Sags will toss you around, overload your senses and add an indelible memory that permeates you, even if the experience is brief. And your tryst could be short-lived. The most free-spirited and independent sign, Sags are thought to be loners at heart, which can make sex with a Sag feel impersonal and insignificant. At worst, you could feel like an objectified sexual vehicle that gets this sign to where it wants to be.

10. Capricorn Sex Life & Habits

Don’t be fooled: behind the Cap’s buttoned-up image is a dirty birdy. Capricorns wield kink like masters, always more intense than their poker faces let on. They use being underestimated to their advantage, turning it into their secret weapon. Though you should remember, like fine wine, it takes time for Capricorns to get in sync with their beaus. This means you may need to be patient. Caps aren’t always quick to observe a lover’s needs.

11. Aquarius Sex Life & Habits

Aquarians are innovators, so they’re usually game to experiment and explore their sexuality. They approach sex with the most open of minds, making them the perfect nonjudgmental partner to get your freak on with. However, in addition to being aloof, Aquarius primarily approach sex from a mental standpoint, rather than from a physical, emotional or spiritual place. Consequently, sex may feel more like an experiment than an experience.

12. Pisces Sex Life & Habits

Pisces are intuitive and their partner’s understand body language innately when tuning into a lover. Fish are usually one step ahead. Sex with ultra-receptive Pisces can be a true bonding experience in body and mind. Still, Pisces sometimes operates in black-and-white, leaning toward being either selfless or selfish. If it’s the latter, beware of an ability of playing the guilt card—you may find yourself in an emotional trap 

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