Meet This ‘YUVRAJ’ Whose Income Is 10 Times More Than Cricketer Yuvraj Singh Himself

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The Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh is known for his destructive batting and superb fielding and all the Indian fans are expecting a blast from him in the ongoing World T20; but there is one more Yuvraj who has taken the ‘Krishi Unnati Mela’ (agriculture development fair) by storm. We are talking about Yuvraj, a Murrah breed donor bull that took part in the fair which was inaugurated by the PM Modi on Saturday in the IARI Pusa campus.

The owner of Yuvraj, Karamvir Singh, was persuaded by several farmers to provide them with Yuvraj’s semen, so that they can artificially inseminate their buffaloes.

All the farmers were told to visit Sunarion village, Kurukshetra, Haryana where Karamvir has his farm in which he has maintained a highly advanced facility for collecting the semen and storing it properly.

4-6 ml semen comes out in a single ejaculation of Yuvraj which is done with the help of an electro-stimulation process or a teaser animal. With this 4-6 ml semen, 500-600 doses are made, kept in plastic straws and safely stored in containers of liquid nitrogen. Each dose is sold at a price of Rs. 300 by Karamvir Singh who earns Rs. 40-45 lakh per year from Yuvraj; however, he says that he also spent a lot of money on his Murrah breed bull.

In the words of Karamvir, “I spend roughly Rs 3,000 per day on eight-year-old Yuvraj’s food. The money which I earn from Yuvraj helps me to keep my other buffaloes in better condition. I could have charged more than Rs. 300 for a single dose, but I deliberately keep the price low as I want to carry on with this business as a social service.”

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