10 Old Monk-Based Cocktails So Easy You Could Make It For The Next House Party

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Old Monk has been a constant favourite for almost every guy for as long as men and alcohol have existed! So, if it’s going to be cocktails, it’s going to have to be an Old Monk special!

We’ve rounded up 10 easy-to-create Rum-based cocktails from 10 popular cafes and bars in Mumbai so that you can spice up your next house party without breaking the bank.

Rum sling

1. Rum Sling

Bar Bar – the city’s wholesale Bar, has added a quick orange-y twist to good ol’ rum.

What’s in it:

30ml Bacardi

30ml Old Monk

5 to 6 Fresh Oranges

60ml Orange Juice

15ml Lime Juice

How to make it:

Mix all ingredients with ice. Stir and pour into a chilled glass. Garnish with a fresh orange slice.

2. Monk’s Mule – Socials

Our favorite neighborhood place shares the secret to that Old Monk cocktail you always order and love to drink – and it is incredibly easy to make!

What’s in it:

60ml Old monk

15ml Fresh ginger juice

8 pieces of Mint leaves

60ml Pineapple juice

1 can Ginger Ale

10ml Sugar syrup

10ml Fresh lime juice

How to make it:

Muddle the mint leaves along with sugar syrup and fresh lime juice in a tall glass. Fill the glass up with ice cubes. Add ginger juice, pineapple juice and rum (Old Monk). Top the drink with ginger ale and garnish with candied ginger and a mint sprig.

3. Bombay Gulabo – Bombay Cocktail Bar

Mumbai got its first cocktail bar recently and they’ve come up with a Bombay special with Rum!

What’s in it:

45ml Old Monk

½ Fresh orange chunks

30ml Rose syrup/ Roohafza

20ml Fresh lime juice

Handful of mint leaves

Pinch of jal-jeera

Splash of soda

Orange wedge and mint spring

How to make it:

Take a tall glass, add all of the ingredients and mix well, garnish with an orange wedge and mint spring.

4. Monk of the east – Dashanzi, JW Marriott Juhu

Literally from the east!

What’s in it:

60ml Cardamom infused dark rum

15ml Freshly squeezed lime juice

15ml Simple syrup

Splash of Ginger Beer

Garnish with a mint sprig

How to make it:

Add all ingredients, mix well, splash some beer and garnish with mint sprig!

5. Rum Barrel – Asado, The Cocktail Street

Asado’s cocktails, are quirky and DELICIOUS! Try this one.

What’s in it:

90ml Old Monk

30ml sugar syrup

120ml mango juice (chilled)

60ml pineapple juice (chilled)

15 – 20ml lemon juice

15ml grenadine or cranberry juice

Splash of soda (Chilled)

How to make it:

Add the juices, sugar syrup and rum. Splash some chilled soda, mix well before serving.

6. Roorkee – True Tramm Trunk

We are all big fans of T3’s cocktails, which hilariously represent the different states in India. This one is easy and delicious:

What’s in it:

90ml Old Monk

10ml Coca Cola

1 cup Coffee beans

How to make it:

Mix a batch of Old Monk with coffee beans and let them sit overnight. Strain and add Coca-Cola to it. Mix well. Serve chilled.

7. Rum Café Gola – Woodside Inn

Gola is and will always be a fun beverage, always. So recreate a nostalgic moment and enjoy an old memory along with some amazing booze!

What’s in it:

60ml Old monk

30ml Expresso

60ml Condense milk

Garnish with coco powder

How to make it:

Make a crushed ice Gola with clean hands. Pour the drink on the gola. Garnish with a drizzle of condensed milk and a generous sprinkle of cocoa powder.

8. Dark N Stormy – Reise All-day Bar & Kitchen

For someone who likes their booze with a bitter taste!

What’s in it:

60ml Old Monk

180ml ginger ale

dash of lime juice

dash of bitters (Angostura bitters)

How to make it:

Top the Old Monk, lime juice and bitters with some ginger ale and mix well. Serve with dry ice

9. T for Tonic – The Lighthouse Café

This one will leave you feeling all fresh and ready to take on the world!

What’s in it:

10ml Ginger Juice(Fresh)

10leaf Curry Leaves

60ml Sour Mix

45ml Old Monk

1 can Tonic Water

6 cube Ice

How to make it:

Add and mix in the same order given as above.

10. Zoomonk – Zoobar

A tangy sweet and sour experience you’ll never forget!

What’s in it:

Few chunks of Fresh Pineapple

60ml Pineapple Juice

10ml Sweet and Sour Mix

45ml Old Monk

Basil Leaves for garnishing

How to make it:

Mash up the fresh Pineapple, mix all the ingredients together in a shaker and strain it in a Collin glass. Garnish the drink with a Basil leaf and serve.

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