How to Delete the Useless Photos in your WhatsApp Automatically –

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I am daily getting many useless photos in my mobile through Whatsapp only.

I start to getting these photos from early morning to late night. Most the Images are repeating through different group and persons. These photos contain motivational, political, jokes and a lot, can’t explain the whole. The bigger problem with WhatsApp is that these ‘spam’ messages often originate from contacts who are close to you in real life and thus blocking them would be considered rude.

 Delete the Useless Photos in your WhatsApp Automatically

And the simple way is that, open the file manager and look for the spam images and start to deleting them one by one. But it will take your precious time. And the next day from early in the morning you’ll start to getting the same thing again and again. This routine will continue. Then what is the solution?

Then what is the solution?

Should I stop the using WhatsApp or stop to download images and videos?

No, this is not the solution.

To overcome this problem, there is an app, Magic Cleaner. Which was introduced by Siftr.

Siftr, an Indian startup founded by ex-Adobe employees, has launched an intelligent Android App that can help you get rid of all the junk photos from your WhatsApp with no effort.

This app scans the media folder of your WhatsApp app and automatically detects all the junk images including screenshots, memes, video screen grabs, cartoons and other pictures with overlay text. You are then offered an option to delete all the detected images in one go.

Siftr has developed their own image recognition engine that analysis the content of an image to determine whether it’s junk or not. You need a working internet connection because all the work is done on their own servers, not on your mobile device. So, try to process this over any wifi connection, to avoid your data consumption.

I tested this app on my phone to delete unwanted images, and the result was awesome. It was highly accurate. It detected mostly all the spam images and ask me to delete. The app is free but you can only auto-delete a limited number of images in a single run. If you would like to delete more images, you either need to invite a friend to use the app or wait for a day.

Nowadays, most of the people like to use WhatsApp. And you are a WhatsApp user then this app is very necessary for you. Once you used it, you’ll never uninstall it from your device. So I would like to advise you personally to use this app and enjoy the free space of your mobile. I cleaned almost 800MB space on my mobile by deleting useless images.

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