Is Corona virus a Bio weapon made by China

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Corona virus, which has devastated our economy, way of living and above all our health has a mysterious past. No person in this world is sure about how corona came into existence. Some people say that it is natural and some people say that it originated from Chinese lab situated in wuhan. Here are 3 points which proves that China made this virus to fulfill its own dream and agenda.

A recent leaked report has said that China was doing research on corona virus from 2015 to use it in world war 3 or any other war. They are just misleading this world by saying that corona virus has occurred naturally.  

Made for PLA (People’s Liberation Army)


The People’s Liberation Army is the regular armed forces of the People’s Republic of China and the armed wing of the PRC’s founding and ruling political party, the Chinese Communist Party. The major argument which is given in favor of  this is that chinese scientist were trying to make a bio weapon in the wuhan lab and during its trial it got leaked. This argument seems very true because the virus which is said to be transferred from Bat, has  not infected anyone in history and soup of bat is eaten in china from many years. 


A famous Japanese scientist Dr Tasuku Honjo recently said that Corona virus does not seems to be natural. This statement is really big because now a prominent scientist has also stamped it as a man made virus. 

A weapon to destroy economy of Rival Countries


A question should be asked to china that how they were able to control corona virus in there own county while the whole world is still suffering from it.  Many analyst and economist believe that China made corona virus to destroy world economy especially America and India. America is global super power and backbone of world’s economy and on the other side India is a rising power of  Asia and world( biggest competitor of China in Asia).  
If you will look the economic figures you will come to know that the economy of USA shrank last year by the largest in 78 years and the economic growth of India went into negative in 2020. On the other hand economic growth of China in percentage terms was positive. 
Due to corona virus China got a huge advantage of defeating America in terms of GDP , which was not much possible for China to do in pre covid time. 

A plan to put small countries in Debt trap


In recent past years we have seen how China has distributed heavy loans to Small African and Asian countries knowing that these countries are not capable of paying these loans. Sri Lanka is a recent example of this debt trap where China has annexed Hambantota port of Sri Lanka for 99 years because Lanka was not able to repay its loan to China. 
Because of Corona virus pandemic rate of default in loans by african countries will increase at a good rate and China will capture there land much early than due date. 
The next county after Sri Lanka which is going to get bankrupt is Pakistan. Pakistan has a huge debt of China and many of its Sea ports, parks , building etc are in the hands of Chinese because Pakistan is not in condition to pay these debts. Due to corona virus outbreak china has got a very good chance to seize  
assets of Pakistan and fulfill his desire to be the boss of the world. 
(The End)
(So what do you people think about the origin of Corona virus. We would definitely like to hear about this from you. Please comment below to put your views regarding this matter. )


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