Sri Lanka Colonised By China :: Story of Hambantota port

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 In this depressed situation of corona where almost every country of this world is facing  economic crisis there is one country which is aggressively taking steps to colonise weak and poor nations. I think you all know which country is that, yes  you guessed it right its China. 

China is building a mega Port city in Sri Lanka on the name of  developing Sri Lanka but if you will see the past record of china you will come to that any country that has taken loan from China for developing its country has never been able to pay back that loan and due to this debt trap many countries have got bankrupt.  And if any country does not pay loan back to china, they encroach the land of that country and try to colonize that county. And to add fuel in the fire they also sign pact with the country to make there army bases and take lease for many years. 

The biggest example of this debt trap is Pakistan. Whole Pakistan economy is has become import based economy due to terrorism in there country and no country wants to give loan to them. Also in August 2020, Moody’s confirmed a B3 credit rating for the Government of Pakistan which is considered as the  one of the worst rating for any country to invest. 

But but but……after this much worst rating also China is investing billions and billions of dollars in Pakistan and there is a news that china is also building a colony in Pakistan where only Chinese citizens will be allowed to live. 


The reason behind this much heavy investment in countries like Pakistan and Sri Lanka is that China wants to control the Indian ocean and is desperate to suppress there rising competitor that is India.
Also they want to become Military and Economic power in coming years 
Most of the Chinese goods pass through  Indian ocean and if in future China  show any aggression against India, Indian Navy can cut there supplies of goods and it can be very dangerous for them in war like situation but if they will have there military bases in Pakistan and Sri Lanka they can easily give any answer of Indian aggression from these positions. Also Pakistan and India are one the biggest enemies of each other and China is trying to take the benefit of this. 

Story of Hambantota port 

Some months backs everybody  heard a news from Sri Lanka that China has taken Hambantota port of Sri Lanka for 99 years lease. Do you know the reason why this all happened. Yes you guessed it right the reason is that Sri Lanka was not able to pay the loan they had taken for the development of this port. 
Now reports say that China is going to build its Navy base in this port and even Sri Lankan people and government official will be not allowed to enter in this port. This is a very dangerous sign for America and India because now the activites of both America and India in Indian Ocean will be watched by Chinese navy.

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