Virat Kohli (king Kohli) – A Nightmare for Pakistan

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Virat Kohli (king Kohli) - A Nightmare for Pakistan

Read this amazing blog to know how Virat Kohli is a nightmare for Pakistan. This is the story of historic match which was played between India and Pakistan at MCG(Melbourne cricket ground) in T20 world cup2022. After this match whole stadium was shouting kohli kohli kohli …… If you want to know what miracle Virat kohli did in this match, read this complete post. 


Whole world knows how big India Pakistan rivalry is. Both nation fight tooth and nail with each other. As we all know that Pakistan is the biggest financier of terrorism in the world. They fund terrorist (Jihadist) in Kashmir and kill innocent people, on top of that they also demand Kashmir from India. These activities fuel the rivalry with Pakistan and the hatred towards Pakistan in India is on next level. 
Now imagine if there is a match between India and Pakistan and too in the T-20 cricket world cup, so you can easily  imagine the mood of both nation. This match took place on 23 October 2022, one day before Diwali (festival of lights, a very big festival of Hindus all over the world) 
We all know that Virat Kohli is a big star of Indian cricket team, he has a huge fan following all over the world. But from past some months he was out of form and was under heavy criticism by former players and Indian fans. Many people started saying that he should retire from international cricket but Virat kohli had some different plans. He continued his training with positive attitude and was eagerly waiting for one big chance to show his vintage Avatar.  


Virat Kohli (king Kohli) - A Nightmare for Pakistan

Match between India and Pakistan took place in Melbourne Cricket Ground (Australia) with more than 90000 people in the stadium. 

India won the toss and elected to bowl first, Arshdeep and Bhuvneshwar kumar showed a terrific bowling show in the earlier overs but with the help of Shan Masood (52 runs in 42 balls) and Iftikar Ahmed’s  (51 runs in 34 balls) good knock Pakistan was able to make a fighting score of 159 runs. 
While chasing this score India lost both its opening batsmen KL Rahul(4 runs) and Rohit Sharma(4 runs) in early overs. After this Suryakumar yadav came to bat but he lost his wicket after making just 15 runs. On the score of 31 India lost its 4 batsmen and the hopes of Indians were about to completely shatter but but but….
There were two batsmen who were still fighting and they took the whole match from the jaws of Pakistan. Yes you guessed it right Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandaya. Both these young men started there innings slowly but as the match came into the last overs they hammered the bowlers to built pressure.
In the last 8 balls 26 runs were required and Virat kohli was in the strike and he was facing deadly bowler of Pakistan Haris Rauf. This was looking impossible as Haris was doing wonderful bowling. In the last 2 balls of the 19th over Virat hit 2 brilliant massive sixes due to which now only 16 runs were required in the last over. 


  • In the last over Mohammad Nawaz came to bowl and in 1st ball Hardik Pandya was out. He played a crucial innings of 40 runs.
  • In second ball Dinesh Kartik took a single Now 15 runs were required in 4 balls. 
  • In the third ball Virat made 2 runs runs. Now 13 runs were required in 3 balls.
  • Nawaz gave a full toss to the Virat and he hit 6 in this ball, also umprire gave this ball free hit on the appeal of Virat Kohli but this created a controversy but final decision remains of Umprire. Now 6 runs were required in 3 balls 
  • After this Nawaz did a wide ball and now 5 runs were required in 3 balls
  • In 4 th ball Kohli was bold but since this was a free hit ball due to this ball Kohli was able to take 3 runs and now only 2 runs were required in 2 ball. 
  • In second last ball karthik lost his wicket and now 2 runs were required in 1 ball
  • In last ball R. Ashwin came to bat and the cricket fans of both the countries were praying for there country to win the match. At this point the viewership of Disney Hotstar who was broadcasting this match in Mobile and PC reached to more than 1.6 crore. Nawaz once again showed his lack of experience and bowled a wide ball and now only 1 run was needed in 1 ball                                    
  • In the last ball Ashwin lofts it over mid off and this was enough for India to take a single and win this match. 


Virat Kohli (king Kohli) - A Nightmare for Pakistan
This match will be remembered in the history for a very long time, by this innings Virat closed all the mouths of the people who were criticizing him. Also history tells that Virat Kohli has always played very well against Pakistan in big matches 
So what are your memories of this match, please write in comment 

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