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Introduction: Yoga is a centuries-old practice that encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual aspects, offering countless benefits for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. International Yoga Day, celebrated annually on June 21st, provides an excellent opportunity to embark on your yoga journey. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience with yoga, this blog aims to inspire you to embrace this ancient practice and explore its trans formative power. This International Yoga Day, take a pledge to start yoga with your family and friends to help making this world healthier, happier and stronger. 

some of the strong reasons why you should start doing yoga are-

1. Benefits of  Yoga

Yoga was invented way before International Yoga Day, it was invented in India around 5000 years ago. The benefits of yoga extend far beyond the mat. Regular yoga practice can improve physical health by enhancing flexibility, strength, and posture. It also promotes cardiovascular health, reduces stress, and boosts the immune system. Additionally, yoga cultivates mental well-being by reducing anxiety and depression, increasing mindfulness, and improving focus and concentration. Embracing yoga as a lifestyle can lead to increased self-awareness, emotional stability, and a profound sense of inner peace.

2.  Importance of Yoga

Yoga is precious gift given by India to the world and you will be surprise to know that in United nations India was the country who proposed International Yoga Day. Yoga is not just about physical exercise; it is a comprehensive system that nurtures balance, flexibility, strength, relaxation, and mental clarity.

3. Daily yoga routine 

Without discipline and proper routine no person in this world can succeed in this world. In the same way you also need a proper routine to practice yoga. Best time to practice yoga is in the morning and evening. You can also start your Yoga from 21st June ( International Yoga Day). 

4. Yoga reduces anxiety and depression. 

Meditation, pranayanm, breathing yoga exercises  etc,. are some of the best ways to get rid of anxiety and depression. Yoga can help reduce stress because it promotes relaxation, which is the natural opposite of stress. Yoga can benefit three aspects of ourselves that are often affected by stress: our body, mind, and breathing.Yoga gives wonderful results in case of trauma and high depression cases. 
If you are not having any mental problem then these exercises will help in sharping your brain, will make you feel relaxed.

5. Get started: Find right style and resources of Yoga 

Yoga offers a diverse range of styles, each with its unique focus and intensity. It’s essential to explore different styles and find one that resonates with your goals and preferences. Hatha yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Iyengar are some popular options. You can join local yoga studios, community centers, or online platforms that offer classes suited to your level of experience. Many resources, such as books, websites, and mobile applications, provide guidance for practicing yoga at home.

Some best books on yoga are 
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CONCLUSION– So this International Yoga day take a pledge to do yoga everyday and make yourself a better version from yesterday. This International Yoga day more than 192 countries will celebrate yoga day all over the world and you have a chance to join them. You can also organize programs in your society or city to celebrate this day. 
 So tell us about your yoga journey and how impacted your life in comment box.

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