8 Fascinating Mummy Discoveries that will Leave You Transfixed

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                                                         700-Year-Old Mummy
This is a picture of a 700-year-old mummy. It was discovered in excellent condition by chance by some road workers in eastern China.


                                                   Sacrificed Inca Children
The maiden, the boy, and the girl of lightning were three Inca children entombed on a bleak and frigid mountaintop 500 years ago as a religious sacrifice.

                                                              Rosalia Lombardo
Rosalia Lombardo (1918 – 1920) was an Italian child who died of influenza. Rosalia’s father, General Lombardo, was sorely grieved about her death, so he approached Alfredo Salafia, a noted embalmer, to preserve her.

                               2400-Year-Old Egyptian Mummy with a Brain-Removal Tool
In 2012, a brain-removal tool used by ancient Egyptian embalmers was discovered lodged in the skull of a female mummy that dates back around 2,400 years.


                                                    Mummy Found by a 10-Year-Old
A German boy discovered what appeared to be a bandaged Egyptian mummy inside an old wooden chest in his grandmother’s attic.

                                                     Egyptian Mummy in Roman Robes
“Dressed” in Roman robes, a 2,000-year-old coffin stares back from a rare Egyptian grave in the Bahariya Oasis, about 225 miles (362 kilometers) southwest of Cairo.

                                               2,000-Year-Old European Found in China
An amazing discovery of 2,000-year-old mummies in the Tarim basin of Western China occurred in the early 90s. Strangely, the mummies were blond-haired and long-nosed.
Plomo Mummy
The Plomo Mummy, or La Momia del Cerro El Plomo in Spanish, is the well preserved remains of an Incan child found on Cerro El Plomo in 1954

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