Joliet -The Haunted Cursed Doll

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 Joliet The Haunted Cursed Doll
Joliet The Haunted Cursed Doll
 ‘Anna G. says this cursed haunted doll has been passed down from mother to daughter in her family for four generations. And each daughter was cursed to have two children a son and a daughter and each son died at 3 days old. The family believes that each spirit of the boy children is cursed to inhabit the doll until Judgment Day. Joliet is said to be heard crying in the nigh…t with the voices of several infants at once. Often is heard a piercing scream that sends chills down the spine of any mother.

‘It can be heard quite clearly”, says Anna. “I lost my only son at three days old from mysterious circumstance in the hospital. My Mother lost a Son the same way as did my Grandmother and Great Grandmother. As I have been told by my mother the cursed Doll was given to my Great Grand mother by a jealous friend for my Grandmother as a toy when she was pregnant with her second child a son who also died at three days old. Each of us in my family have loved the doll and cared for our lost children to this day. My only daughter will do the same one day when she is older. We have not tried to get rid of it because we know the souls of our lost sons or trapped inside and do not want them to come to any harm. It is a haunted curse that my family bears”.’

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