10 Rare Historical Pictures, I hope you will not forget these Historical Moments.

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History is fascinating and it seems like we’re uncovering more of it every day. I collect # 10 rare historical pictures from world.

Find out below some of the most  Interesting and  fascinating photographs ever captured on camera

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#1. 14 inch shells on the deck of the USS New Mexico in 1944.

Historical Pictures of US Army

#2. A rare pic of boxing match on board the USS Oregon in 1897

Historical picture of A boxing match

#3. An airman being captured by Vietnamese in Truc Bach Lake, Hanoi in 1967. The airman is  John McCain.

Rare Historical Pictures

#4. Historical Picture of Samurai warriors taken between 1860 and 1880

Samurai Rare Historical Pictures

#5. The Microsoft staff’s Historical Photo taken in 1978

Microsoft staff rare pic

#6. An x-ray of Hitler’s skull.

Hitler's skull rare picture

#7. Historical war picture of German air raid on Moscow in 1941 during WWII

historical picture of moscow

#8. The London sky after a bombing and dogfight between British and German planes in 1940

Historical Picture of WWII

#9.  Rare Historical Picture of Google’s first staff.

#10. Nagasaki, 20 minutes after the atomic bombing in 1945(WWII)


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