Is Body building supplements good for health (part 1)-shocked you

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Introduction– Body building supplements play a very important role in building our body and fitness during workout or gym. Should we use supplements or not this question arise in every gym going person. A bad body building supplement if consumed by any fitness enthusiast can even cause danger to your life. Taking whey protein or body building supplements have become a fashion in gyms and barre to fulfill need of proteins, multivitamins,etc in body. Well to be very honest I am not a doctor or scientist who can do research on this topic but I am here to tell you the science behind these products and whether you should consume them or not. 

Is Body building supplements good for health (part 1)-shocked you

Types of Body building supplements –

  1. Creatine
  2. Beta alanine
  3. Protein powders
  4. Glutamine
  5. Nitric oxide
  6. Caffeine
  7. BCAAs
  8. HMB and many more

Before going further let us discuss-

Benefits of Body building supplements

1, Prevention from Deficiencies-  If you are a regular gym goer and fitness conscious, taking supplements can fulfill deficiencies of those vitamins and minerals which your body lacks. 
2. Age related benefits- Supplements can help address age-related nutritional needs, such as vitamin B12 for older adults.
3. Cognitive Health- Some supplements, like omega-3 fatty acids and certain vitamins, are believed to support cognitive function and reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

4. Nutrition fulfillment – If a person has some dietary restrictions, allergies in eating any fruits or meats , in that case supplement can provide those missing nutrients.
5. Weight gain – Most people in this world use supplements for weight gain and making muscles only.some of the weight gaining supplements include whey protein, mass gainers, creatine, etc,
Is Body building supplement good for health

Demerits of  Body Building Supplements 

1. Kidney Stones- Intake of calcium and vitamin D supplements often result in risk of developing kidney stones. Many doctors all around the world has often claimed in there research report that body building supplements are increasing risk of kidney stones as well as they are increasing risk of heart attack. 

2.  Iron Overload: Iron supplements can be dangerous when taken by individuals who don’t have iron-deficiency anemia. Excess iron can accumulate in the body and lead to organ damage.

3. Addiction – Relying on supplements can create a high addiction, making individuals believe they cannot achieve their fitness goals without these products.
4. Lifelong health issues- consuming  bodybuilding supplements can create lifeline health problems and diseases. High doses of vitamin A may cause birth defects, as well as central nervous system, liver, bone and skin disorders.
5. Use of Steroids and band drugs – many companies use supplement which are not recommend or are banned in many countries. And if any individual use them after getting influenced by someone then it can result in serious health hazard. 

Should we use Body building supplements or not 

Now coming to the one of the most important question that is arising in your mind and that is whether you should use bodybuilding supplements or not
So my answer in this respect will be very straight forward and that is if you are going to gym for maintaining your fitness or losing weight then you should not use these protein supplement diets or steroids for keeping yourself fit. 
On the other hand if you are going to gym for building muscles, abs etc, then you can use these supplements after consulting your trainer and doctor. 
In second part of this blog we will bring in depth analysis of some of the best body building supplements for beginners and there 

Some Precautions before using supplements-

1. Always consult your doctor or trainer before using supplements. 
2. Never take steroids, they can be very harmful and can cause cancer. 
3. Never replace them as your food option because no supplement can fulfill your diet requirements as      food  
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