Shocking: Dengue patients increased 10 times in 2 decades

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Dengue cases have increased tenfold in the last two decades across the world. In the year 2000, five lakh dengue patients were found across the world. This year this number has increased to 50 lakhs.

The World Health Organization shared this information while warning on the increasing cases of dengue and urged all countries to be more vigilant.

According to Who, this has created a major public health challenge. The highest number of 52 lakh cases were reported in 2019, when 129 countries had to face this disease. After this, there was a decrease in dengue cases due to corona from 2020 to 2022. However, in the year 2023, an increase in dengue cases is being seen globally. Cases are being found even in places where the possibility of the disease spreading is next to nothing.

80 percent cases in North and South America: 

This year North America and South America were most affected by dengue. 80 percent of the total dengue cases were recorded in this area. 41 lakh cases have been registered in this area alone. According to the global body, a large number of dengue cases have been reported in this region every three out of five years, apart from this, dengue has also been reported in some European countries where this occurrence is a new experience for doctors and researchers.

Some common symptoms of Dengue 

  1.  Fever, Severe Headache
  2. Pain behind eyes
  3. Nausea vomiting,swollen gland 
  4. Abdomen pain, cough and loose motion

Necessary precautions you can take to avoid dengue 

As we all know that dengue is caused by biting of mosquito (Aedes aegypti). So here are some precautions every family should take to avoid entry of mosquitoes in home or public area-
  1. Stay in well screened house
  2. Wear protective clothing like full sleeve shirts and pants. 
  3. Do not let water stagnate anywhere 
  4. Sleep under Mosquito net
  5. Immediately consult doctor if you see any 

If you want to know more about dengue, its origin, etc then you can visit following websites to increase your knowledge and awareness. 

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