Shocking: This country is Racist towards Indians and black people

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Whenever we talk about racism we often look towards united states or some European countries where news of racism come out every day against black people but today we are going to tell you about a country where racism has touched its peak . We are talking about South Korea where racism against Indians and south east Asians has become a very common thing, so in this blog we are going to reveal some shocking facts about the South Korean culture and their racism towards the Indians and black people. 

bts and advertisment of plastic surgery in south korea.

This is my guarantee to you people if you will read this blog completely and if you have K fever in your mind it will completely vanish away.

Islam and Hindus out These postures are very common in Daego City of South Korea. This is the ground reality of the South Korea which many Western media outlets don’t show. 

Racism board in South korea

Indians not allowed such posters are pasted outside every club of Seoul in South Korea, shocked no this is just a beginning to tell you the kind of racism south Koreans are doing with Indian.

Imagine you go to a shop and see some clothes and inspect them to buy or not and after leaving the shop shopkeeper cleans those clothes which you touched. How would you feel? Well this has happened many times Within Indians in South Korea. These types of incidents are very common with Indians and Muslims in South Korea.

racist board in south korea

Not only Indians, according to one report by Herald 7 out of 10 foreigners have faced racism in South Korea

Now after Britishers, south Koreans have started treating Indians as untouchables and lower class people. You’ll be surprised to know that South Korea also has same colonial background as India. They were also ruled by Britishers but then why South Koreans treat Indians like this-

Main reason for this Racism 

There are three superficial reasons why Koreans Do racism and after listening to these reasons you’ll wonder how can such an educated people of country like Korea think this-
Reason 1 (Korea things belong to Korean people)
In India there is a manufacturing plant of Kia Motors situated in Anantpur city of Andhra Pradesh, around this plant there are 10 to 15 Korean restaurants. An Indian news outlet The wire did an sting operation, In this operation it was revealed that in these Korean restaurants, entry of Indian people was prohibited. Can you imagine an Indian cannot do entry in the restaurant situated in his own country. 
Even the staff of the restaurant is not Indian. They have employed Nepalese chefs and waiters, by this you can imagine the hatred South Koreans have towards Indians. so just think if this can happen in Indian land, then how much racism there would be in South Korea?
Reason 2 (Koreans are white and Indians are black / wheatish )
There is a Korean you tube channel BIBIM Korea , in one of its video an Indian girl has described how people do racism with her in public places. She said “whenever I sit in a bus, people nearby me go find some other seat to sit. This has become so common that I am now used to it. “

In an another you tube video you can find an Korean girl describing about her Indian friend who is a teacher in school, she said that students of Indian Teacher said to him that We hate Indians because they look like Mud. Now think, if kids can say this, then how much racism has taken deep roots in Korean society. 
Beauty parameters required for jobs  in korea

Reason 3 (Koreans have made Beauty standards rigid and stereotypical) 
Koreans have made beauty standards so rigid and stereotypical that even Europeans cannot fit in these standards. If you need a job in Korea then you will have to make yourself beautiful and slim. Leave private employers even the government of the South Korea says that if you need a job you should do a good plastic surgery. Given below is a government poster which appeals to do plastic surgery, 
                                          South korean government poster appealing for plastic surgery
In korea if you are applying for a job your looks will matter more than your Resume. A recent survey done by south Korean job portal Incruit on 900 businesses reveals that more than 60% companies demand photographs of candidate before hiring. 
The concept of lookism is so deep in Korean society that students get plastic surgery as a graduation gift. There medical tourism government website proudly say this. 

Indian mindset on South Korea 

Famous things of south korea, bts and smasung

On the other hand Indians respect Koreans a lot they have a deep love towards BTS And South Korean food. Also Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer and seller in India. Korean companies and people earn from India and on the other hand do the scary level of racism in Korea. 

Now this doesn’t mean that you should start hating Koreans and boycott there drams and products. I just wanna explain you all readers that it is a high time where we Indians need to understand that respecting other countries and following their culture is good but we should never loose our respect. If you wanna see these K dramas, you should see but not at the cost of your self respect.  

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