US shoots down Houthis missile in the Red Sea, why Yemen’s rebels attacking ships?

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  Houthi rebels of Yemens
Yemen’s Houthi rebels on Sunday fired an anti-ship cruise missile at an American ship in the Red Sea, which was shot down by an American fighter plane. Officials gave this information. Amid Israel’s war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, there have been recent attacks affecting the movement of ships globally.

Houthi rebels, who shocked the world by launching drone attacks on 3 ships in the last 2 days, are in the news these days. They are active in the strategically important part of the Red Sea. In fact, till now the only place where Houthi rebels have targeted international cruises in the Red Sea is the Gulf of Bab-al Mandab. It connects the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. It is considered the best route for container, cargo and passenger ships. This is the most suitable route for sea trade between India and Europe. Houthi rebels are taking advantage of this and targeting ships.

Why are Houthi rebels targeting ships in the Red Sea?

Yemen’s Houthis rebels have recently intensified attacks on foreign ships in the Red Sea. Houthi rebels are calling these attacks as their support for the Palestinians. The rebels are targeting ships in support of the Hamas terrorist organization fighting a war with Israel. Houthi rebels openly supported Hamas after the Israel-Hamas war. The Houthi rebels had clearly said that if Israeli ships enter the Red Sea, they will be targeted. Since then, attacks on ships have increased. At first they targeted only Israeli cargo ships. Now it has started attacking other ships also. Since December 8, Houthi rebels have been attacking ships using drones and ballistic missiles.

Who are the Houthi rebels?

The Haitian rebels are a group from the minority Shia community in Yemen. The group claims that it has taken up arms for the campaign. These groups campaign against the government of Yemen. Since 2014, Haitian fighters had waged a war against the government. This group has dominance in the area adjacent to the Red Sea.
The Houthi rebel organization was formed in the year 1990. It started the rebellion by opening a front against the then President of Yemen Ali Abdullah. The Houthis said that Saleh was doing corruption in the country. Those who raised their voice against this are being silenced. The Houthis had taken up arms because of Saleh’s alleged repressive policies. Saudi Arabian forces were in support of Saleh at that time. However, despite this, the Houthi rebels showed Saleh the way out of power.

Where is The Red Sea Situated and Coordinates of Red sea 

The Red Sea is connected to the Mediterranean Sea via the Suez Canal, which forms the shortest shipping route between Europe and Asia. It is connected to the Gulf of Aden via the Bab al-Mandab Strait between Yemen and Djibouti.

Red Sea Coordinates and Map

Latitude and longitude: 20.385824, 38.122559

Latitude and longitude: 20.28° North, 38.51° West
Latitude and longitude: 22°N 38°E


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