A mother put mother-son relationship to shame, Know what is the case of murder of AI CEO’s son?

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                                        Mindful Ai company Ceo Suchna with her son

This recent crime case of India will shook you from inside, After this information came out, it has made headlines all over the country. A very educated women and CEO of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) company killed her 4 year old son in Goa.

Police arrested Suchna Seth from Chitradurg City of Karnataka (India) when she was going to Karnataka from Goa with her son’s body in a bag, Police say that the reason for the murder has not yet become clear but media reports suggest that she took this step to prevent her son from meeting her husband.

Suchana was going through a divorce from her husband, but the court had allowed Suchana’s son to meet her husband four times in a month. 

Who is Suchna Seth 

Suchna seth is an AI startup founder and it’s Ceo. Suchana Seth was born 39 years ago in Kolkata. Coming from a good family, Suchana was very smart in reading and writing since childhood. jShe had command over several languages ​​and graduated with top rank in Physics Hons. Post Graduate in Sanskrit and then studied Data Science, later she also mastered Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI
She later became associated with many renowned universities of the world. She used to travel around and give lectures about the ethics of Artificial Intelligence. She used to tell about the goodness and badness of AI. Later she started a company named Mindful AI,

Soochna Seth’s LinkedIn profile shows that she, as a data scientist, used to impart knowledge about AI to people. She has 12 years of experience working in Data Science and AI.

Suchna was included in the list of 100 influential women in the Ethics List of the year 2021. Additionally, she has been a Mozilla Fellow in Data and Society, a fellow at the Workman Claims Center at Harvard University, and a research fellow at the Raman Research Institute.

circumstances that made her a murderer-

suchna with her husban venkatraman
This woman’s husband Venkataraman is from Kerala and Soochana is from Kolkata. In 2010, Soochna met Venkataraman, who lived in Bangalore. Both of them fell in love, both of them got married, Venkat also comes from a good and educated family. Everything was going well after marriage. Even after 9 years of marriage, i.e. in 2019, they had a son, everything was fine. 
But then with the arrival of Corona in 2020, their relationship started becoming sour, the fight between the two became so big that in March 2021, Soochana started living separately from her husband. She alleged that Venkat Raman used to beat her and her son. After divorce son was with his mother, despite all this Venkat Raman used to come again and again to meet his son but Suchana did not want to let her son meet her husband.

The crime days

Time line

6 jan 2024 (Saturday)

Suchana did not want to let her son meet his father, that is why before Sunday, Suchana goes to Goa and and books a service apartment.

7 jan 2024 (Sunday) 

On the 7th, Soochana takes her son to Goa. When Soochana’s husband reaches Bengaluru, he comes to know that Soochana has gone to Goa with her son. This is where the real story of crime begins. Suchana realized that this time she had stopped her son from meeting his father but she would not be able to do so again and again, perhaps due to this mentality she conspired to murder her son. On the evening of 7th January, she first sings a lullaby to her son and then asks for two bottles of cough syrup from the hotel staff. After giving cough syrup to her son, when he falls asleep, she strangles him to death.

8 jan 2024 (Monday)

On the morning of 8 January, she requests a car from the hotel so that she can go to Bangalore. The hotel requests her to go to Bangalore by flight as it will take 12 hours to travel from Goa to Bangalore but Suchana insists on going to Bangalore by car. While leaving, the hotel staff became suspicious about the information because when she had come to the hotel, she was with her children but now he was not with her. After Information leaves, one of the hotel staff starts cleaning Information’s room, where he sees some drops of blood. Seeing this the hotel staff informs the police. The police calls Soochana’s driver and asks Soochana where her son is, to which he tells her that his son is staying at a friend’s place. When the police trace that address, they come to know that no such address exists in Goa. After that the police asks the driver to take the vehicle to a nearby police station. After reaching the police station, when the car is searched, Soochana’s son was found in the suitcase. Soochana was arrested and with this a heart-wrenching case comes in front of the whole world.
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