True Story of Isabella Guzman , the tik tok star who killed her mother

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In November 2020, a video started becoming quite famous on Tik Tok. In this video, a girl could be seen entering the court room, her hands were tied with handcuffed. This girl sometimes laughs looking at the camera and sometimes starts making strange face in the courtroom. Actually this video was about 7 years old, from 2013, but in 2020 people started making duet with her video. People also started editing her video and within no time this video went viral all over the internet. In fact people made a fanpage by her name. And all this because that girl was looking beautiful and innocent. Now the question arises who this girl was and what crime she had committed. 

Isabella Guzman in courtroom
Her name was Isabella Guzman , who used to live with her mother Yu mi hoy and stepfather Ryan Hoy in Colorado , united States. 

The story of her reaching the court begins on 27 August 2013 and at that time Isabella was only 18 years old. This is a part of Isabella’s life that if it had not happened, Isabelle would never have gone to jail, nor would she have gone viral on TikTok, and neither would I be telling you this story.

On the evening of Tuesday 27 August 2013, Isabel’s mother was returning home after finishing her work from the studio, but as soon as her car reached near her house, she saw a boy running out of her house. Yu Man Hoy was warned many times by her neighbors that in her absence many boys come again and again to meet her daughter but she ignored this every time. But that day when she saw the boy leaving, she realized the truth.
Isabel’s mother told her husband about this and both of them asked Isabel about this, but instead of answering this, Isabel started getting angry at her parents, and started shouting loudly in the room. While leaving the room, Isabella even spit on her mother, which deeply shocked Yu Man Hoy.

To know the main reason of this behavior of Isabella we will have to look into her early life – 

Early life 

Isabella guzman photo before killing her mother

Isabella was born on June 9, 1995 in the city of Colorado , but at that time she used to live somewhere else in the same city with her father Robert Guzman and her mother Yo Min Hoy. Both of them loved their daughter Isabel very much, Isabella also loved them a lot, especially her father Robert. But by the year 1999, things started deteriorating and the relationship between the husband and wife started becoming sour. The matter became so big that both of them decided to divorce each other and in the year 1999, they both separated from each other and at that time Isabelle’s age was only 4 years. Isabella was a stubborn and irritable girl since childhood, but after the divorce of her parents, she became more stubborn, but her anger increased even more when her mother remarried after a year, i.e. in 2000.
When Isabella turned 14, she also left her religion. Actually, Isabella’s parents were Jews, but they neither made Christmas nor celebrated their birthdays. Perhaps because of all these restrictions Isabella left her religion. After this, she had become a completely independent girl, neither did she obey her parents, nor went to school nor studied.
Many times she would remain missing from home for three days. When her mother would console her, she would start fighting with her. She was also an average student in school, she somehow managed to pass. But when she was in class 12th, her attendance was so bad that she was not allowed to sit for the exam. She was expelled from school even before the final exams. This thing shook her mother from within.
And after this, on August 27, 2013, she did something which he had never done before and that was spit on his mother’s face while his mother was consoling him.

August 28 2013 – The crime day 

The next day, when Isabella’s mother checks her phone, she finds out that her daughter had sent an email the night before. When Yu Min Hoy opens the email, she was shocked because the email contains only 3 words. It was written You Will Pay.

Yu Min Hoy gets very scared after seeing this mail. She also shows this mail to her husband. Yu min hoy decides to call police and in the afternoon of 28 August she called police. When the police arrive, they were told the entire incident and what was written in the mail which Isabella had sent. After giving warning and explaining to Isabella, the police leaves from there.

In the evening, Isabella’s real father Robert came to meet her. He explained a lot to Isabella and advised her to become a good person. But Isabella was not paying any attention to his words because she had already decided on something else.
When her mother returned from the studio at night, she asked her husband Hoy where Isabella was. He said that he might be in his room. Yu Min went upstairs to meet Isabella, when Ryan Hoy heard something falling, as if someone had fallen on the floor. When he reached upstairs, he saw Isabella in the bathroom with a knife to kill her mother. When Ryan tried to open the door, Isabella locked the door.
Ryan tried his best to open the door but failed. They could hear Yu Min screaming from inside, and blood was also coming from under the bathroom door. Ryan immediately called the police and told the whole story.
Now after some time Isabella opens the door. Ryan gets shocked after seeing his wife’s dead body. He thinks he is next, but Isabella walks away from him with a knife in her hand.
Ryan was still on the phone call with the police, the police asked him to give CPR to his wife but it had no effect. Looking at Yu Min it was clear that he was dead. At 10.16 pm the police also reached there along with the medical team. The medical team declared Yu Min Hoy dead and sent the body for postmortem.
The police start searching for Isabella. The police issued an advisory in which police published photo of Isabella in which Police published Isabella’s photo on news channels and asked people to immediately inform if Isabella is seen anywhere. After 16 hours on 29 August, Isabella was  arrested 1.5 Km away from her house in a car parking.
Yu Min Hoy’s postmortem report was heart-wrenching. The report revealed that Isabella had stabbed Yu 151 times. Within no time this case became famous all over America. 

Trial of Isabella

Finally after 1 week Isabella was presented before the court but at the day of court hearing she started behaving abnormal. At first she refused to come to the court, due to which she had to be dragged to the court. She was behaving strangely even during the court proceedings. The County Court judge charged Isabella with murder and violence, and also ordered that she would remain in jail until the trial was completed.
After 9 months trail of Isabella started. Everyone was hoping that she will get death penalty or lifetime imprisonment for this horrific crime but Isabella lawyer presented a report of doctor Richard Posh in which it was written that Isabella is mentally ill, and she is suffering from a disease called paranoid schizophrenia.

The judge of the court gave his decision after listening to all the arguments. He did not sentence Isabella to any punishment because of her mental condition. Isabella was sent to a mental hospital in Colorado for her treatment, and the court further said that Isabella would remain there until she completely recovers,

How she became viral in tik tok 


For about 6 years she remained that mental institute and at on November 2020 she gave an interview to a media channel in which she said that she has now completely recovered and urged court to release her to lead a normal life. She further said in this interview “I was not myself when i did that, and I have since been restored to full health”.  And as soon as this interview came in the media, the old video of her courtroom went viral all over TikTok.
So this was a true story of a physic killer Isabella Guzman. So what are your thoughts about courts controversial decision in this matter, do share in comment box. 


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