Shark tank India season 3 judges net worth will shock you

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Shark tank India season 3 has started with a bang. This season two new investors /judges Ritesh Aggarwal and Deepinder Goyal has been added into the Shark tank. ‘Shark Tank India’ is currently one of the most popular shows on Indian television. In this business reality show, entrepreneurs have to present their business models to a panel of investors (sharks) and convince them to invest money in their model.

Image of shark tank India season 3 judges
This season panel of judges on the show includes Ritesh Aggarwal, Namita Thapar, Anupam Mittal, Vineeta Singh, Deepinder Goyal,  Amit Jain, Piyush Bansal and Aman Gupta. Some of these faces have become very popular among the public right from the beginning. In such a situation, we are going to tell you about the total wealth of these sharks.
So now let us take a look into the net worth of all the judges of Shark tank India season 3-

1. Aman Gupta 

Aman gupta founder of boat
Aman Gupta is the founder and CEO of Boat company which manufactures music devices mainly headphones and earphones. His company’s market cap is around 1.2 billon dollars and his net worth is estimated around 750 crores. 

2. Namita Thapar

Namita Thapar

Namita Thapar is the executive director of ‘Emcure Pharmaceuticals’, a multinational pharmaceutical company. Market cap of Emcure pharma is estimated around 3 billion dollars. Reportedly, Namita’s net worth is around Rs 600 crore. She is also the founder of Incredible Ventures Limited.

3. Piyush Bansal 

Piyush bansal founder of Lenskart
Piyush Bansal is the founder and CEO of Lenskart , an eye ware company. His company’s market capitalization is estimated around  1.581 billion dollars and net worth of Piyush is estimated around 600 crores.37-year-old Piyush Bansal has also invested in companies like inFedo and Daily Objects (

4. Anupam Mittal 

Anupam Mittal

Anupam Mittal, founder and CEO of ‘People Group’ the parent company of popular matchmaking site ‘’ and online real estate portal ‘’, reportedly has a net worth of Rs 185 crore. According to reports, Aman has also invested in OLA.

Anupam has invested in more than 220 companies which is record in itself. 

5. Amit Jain 

Amit Jain

Amit jain is founder and CEO of Cardekho ( a second hand car selling company). He started cardekho in year 2007 with his brother. Cardekho has a valuation of around 1.2 billion dollars and net worth of Amit is around 2600 crores. 

6. Vineeta Singh 

Vineeta Singh

The CEO and co-founder of ‘Sugar Cosmetics’, Vineeta Singh has an estimated net worth of around Rs 300 crore. She left her 1 crore  job to start her company. Today the valuation of her company is around 500 million dollars. 38 year-old Vineeta is also the co-founder of ‘Fab Bag’.

7.  Ritesh Aggarwal 

Ritesh Aggarwal founder of OYO
Ritesh is the founder of hotel room booking app OYO. He is the youngest unicorn founder of India and also the youngest judge in the Shark tank . His company’s market cap is around 9 billion dollars and his net worth is estimated around 2 billion dollars ( 16400 crore rupees approx.)

8. Deepinder Goyal 

Deepinder goyal founder of Zomato
Deepinder is the founder and CEO of Zomato (a food delivery company). Zomato is the largest food delivery company of India and it’s market cap is around 14.03 billion dollars. Net worth of Deepinder is around 2030 crore. 

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