This valentine impress your girlfriend with these messages and wishes

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Happy valentine day
{Valentine Messages and Wishes  for your girlfriend

Whenever we talk about impressing our loved one on valentine day , people always focuses on giving gifts, roses etc,. but they never focuses on impressing there loved ones by wishes, poems or messages. Are you also one of those people who are not able to talk openly with their girlfriend, and are not able to tell her their feelings, Valentine’s Day is the best time to express your feelings to your loved ones. 

So here are some of the best wishes and messages for your loved one to make your valentine week and day more special. 

Valentine day messages that will definitely impress your loved one

 1. I wanted you to know that you filled my heart with love, joy and pride. Happy Valentine’s day to my one true love!

2. May love blossom all around you today and always. Lots of hugs and kisses to precious little you.

3. Because you are so special, you are wished a Valentines day filled with love.

4.You and me,
  The way it should be!
  We are a perfect match,
  Lots of kisses I attach!

5. I was born to be with you! You make every day feel like Valentine’s Day!

6. Oh, be still my beating heart! Won’t you be my Valentine? From your secret admirer.

7. Everything is better with you in my life. I love you because you’re open and honest with me about          your thoughts and feelings.

8. You were the princess I’ve been waiting for. Wishing you every shade of happiness for Valentine’s day!

Heart Touching Rhymes for happy Valentine’s day 

If you are a kind of person who is poetic in nature and want to impress your girlfriend with some romantic lines then here are some of the best rhymes to impress your loved one.

1.Every kiss is as sweet as the first! Happy Valentines Day, to the one I love with all my heart!

2. From now until forever, I’ll stand by you. My love for you is XXXL!

3. You’ll always be mine,
Comes rain or comes shine!

4. Every mile that separates us is a wish that you were here with me on Valentine’s Day.

5. We were meant to be together. I want you to know how much you are loved and how lucky I feel to be with you!

6. A bunch of love lots of hugs and kisses I’m sending your way! You make my heart sing!
    Love you more than words can say. Not only today but for the rest of my life!

7. My dear Valentine,
    You are a glass of sweet wine,
    I hope you’ll be mine,
    Till the end of time!

8. Everything is better with you in my life. You & me! Forever!

9. Love is like a party in the heart. Be mine! From your secret Valentine.

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