Japanese scientist invented fuel for space rockets from cow dung

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cow , japanese scientist and space rocket

As we all know Japanese scientists are known all over the world for there crazy and best inventions. Some of the revolutionary inventions done by Japanese are of LED bulbs , cameras, batteries, electric rice cooker, calculators, instant ramen , flash memory , car navigation etc,. But recently Japanese company interstellar invented rocket fuel made by cow dung. This invention can bring revolution in the field of space exploration and mankind dream to settle in other planets. 

This interesting and successful test is not just a fun science experiment, it could prove to be a huge leap towards sustainable space exploration. The rocket built by the company uses methane gas derived from cow dung as its fuel, making it the world’s first orbital rocket powered by the abundant and sustainable resource. The static fire test successfully ignited the engine for 10 seconds, producing a powerful blue flame. The feat follows the European Space Agency’s development of a dung-fueled rocket engine, but Interstellar Technologies is the first private company to do so.

The rocket, fueled by biomethane fuel, threw a blue and orange flame 10–15 meters (30–50 ft) from an open hangar door for about 10 seconds in the city of Taqi Japan. Takahiro Inagawa, chief executive of Interstellar Technologies, said the biomethane used was made entirely from cow dung at two local dairy farms.

Benefits of using Cow dung as a fuel 

Unlike conventional rocket fuel, which emits large amounts of greenhouse gases, cow dung fuel burns more cleanly, which will reduce the environmental impact of space travel. It’s like turning a rocket into manure.

Cow dung is abundant and readily available, making it a cheaper and more accessible fuel source than traditional alternatives. This technology turns a waste product into a valuable resource.

This technology will also be used in satellites!

Interstellar Technologies and Air Water firm, which launched rocket from cow dung, believes that in the future, satellites can also be established in space using this fuel. This firm work closely with local farmers who have the equipment to process cow dung into biogas on their farms. Air Water collects the biogas and then turns it into rocket fuel. Tomohiro Nishikawa, an engineer at Air Water, said Japan is short on resources and must secure domestically produced, carbon-neutral energy. The dung obtained from the cows of this region has a lot of potential.

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