Top 5 G Shock watches in USA

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The best G shock watches are Practically indestructible with unparalleled shock and water resistance. They also come out fitted with all  sorts of utility features to cater to your unique needs as a watch wearer but which one of these masterpieces you should go for, navigating through the hundreds of the G shocks watches can be quite challenging as the G-shock line of watches is a front runner that has dominated the market since 1983. This casio brand watches is a primer destination for instantly recognizable watches while big and bold are common adjectives to describe G-shock products. 

The brand has dozens of styles that break away from the XL look for a more subtle refined timepiece for sport tactical or even dress use. So are you ready to discover top 5 g shock watches that suits your need. 

5. Casio G-shock-GA-100-(Best Budget)

Casio G-shock-GA-100 watch

This G shock watch remains true to the ethos and concept of the Casio. This model is as the name suggest largest than the many other G shocks. In addition to this it’s also presented with an analog display which many people will enjoy since it contributes in making it more elegant and more suitable for those who don’t really enjoy digital watches. In terms of function this watch has a lot to offer but it’s by no means casio most advanced g shock.

This watch also has time time presented on digital LCD screen this makes it possible to read time as per your convenience. It has all the standard function you can expect in a G shock watch like calendar, timer, daily alarm , countdown timer, led split etc. overall it is a good watch for people who don’t want fully digital watch and are budget centric. 

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4. Casio G- shock GBD-200 (Best value)

Casio G- shock GBD-200 watch

Next we present you is the g shock GBD 200. This is the new generation watch of g-shock and the label of retro has no place here. I will have to admit that GBD200 is not too sporty , its fitness tracking revolves around walking and running. There is no option to track options like swimming or golf. 

It’s one of the best feature is that it shows notification when connected to phone but this watch cannot be labelled as Smartwatch as there is no feature of heart rate measurement, sensors etc. It’s batter is not solar powered but inbuilt battery lasts up to two years. The weight of just 2.046 ounce make it super comfortable to wear. A reasonable price of slightly above 100 dollars is good for this watch. 

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3.Casio G-shock GW-B5600 (Subtle design) 

Casio G-shock GW-B5600 watch

This square shaped digital watch look marvelous in design. Not only it’s design refer to the legendary first model but it also has best price to performance ratio in all G-shocks watches. For a watch starting from 107 $ it has lot to offer.  Shock and water resistance similar to dive watches , days name in six different languages and many more makes this watch a wonderful piece of engineering by Casio. 

While using stopwatch and countdown you can still see the time in watch, which is very useful, the GW-500 is also solar charged so now you don’t have to worry about battery changing. It also uses radio synchronization of time. This watch can be linked to smartphone by using Casio smartphone app. 

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2. Casio G-shock Mudmaster GG- B100 (Runner up)

Casio G-shock Mudmaster GG- B100 watch

This watch is designed to stand hardest of the condition. We usually see these watches in the hand of armed forces personnel. This watch is resistant against dust and mud. It blocks any dust entering into the watch. GG-B100 is also the first mudmaster with the quad censor, where thermometer, compass, barometer and altimeter is met  with the popular pedometer. The letter B in the watch means that this model is capable of communicating with smartphone through an application. You can set your location , find your phone and can access many more features. 
In this watch you can even set the menu according to your liking and set the light where you can easily reach. Weight of this watch is around 3.245 ounce. But there is one drawback in this watch and this is unavailability of solar charging. Price of this watch is around 299 $.
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1. Casio G-shock GA-2100 (Best overall )

Casio G-shock GA-2100
What proves it’s popularity is the fact that it is the most sold G-shock watches in Europe and many parts of USA. Casio even got failed in completing demand of this watch in many parts of the world, for which they had to increase there production capacity, If you are thinking that this success is linked to some new mind blowing features then you are dead wrong. 
The GA-2100 is popular just because of its retro design which was inspired by the first G-shock watch(The DW-5000) but there is a twist , it is an analog digital watch now. This watch has weight of just above ounce which makes it super lightweight and sexy. It features include carbon core protection, shock resistant, water resistance up to 200 meters. Another great feature of the watch is luminescence of the hand. This watch is available at a delightful price of 99$. 
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