Real life heartbreaking story of Anneliese Michel exorcism

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There are many things in this world which are unexplored by human beings. One such thing is experiencing supernatural powers. Many people in this world experience them but without any scientific proof these cases remain mysteries and unsolved.  

One such incident is of Anneliese Michel exorcism by Church priests and bishop. This Horrific events led a death of innocent, kind and obedient girl after 10 month of exorcism by two catholic priests Rev Arnold Renz and Rev Ernst Alt who were permitted to do so by local Bishop Stangl in effort to free Anneliese Michel of at least six demons that were believed to have possessing her, 

Early Life 

Anneliese Michel was a catholic Christiaan and born on 21 September 1952 in Bavaria, Germany.  Her family was traditional and devoted catholic Christiaan and she was raised with three sisters by her parents. Her three aunts were nuns and they also wanted her to be a priest. 

Annelise family background was very religions and her mother never allowed her to girl play with other children , so she used to spend her most of the time in praying. 

Entry of Supernatural powers and demonic possession in life

In 1970 the age of 16 she was diagnose with epileptic psychosis and had a history of ineffective psychiatric treatment .She complained about hearing the odd sounds and voices of some supernatural beings, Anneliese  was prescribed anti-Convulsion drugs including Dilantin but her health was degrading day by day and she was described hearing the sound which no body can hear and see. She is also believed to see the face of devil many times in a day.

Anneliese Michel was prescribed Aolpet and zentropil that were used in treatment many psychoses and disturb behavior , in 1973 she continued her study from University of Wurzburg but she was in depression and used to complain about hearing voice that she is “Damned” .

Anneliese Michel traumatic life was in the grip of depression and anxiety , as a result there was no improvement in her health and and it was getting worsened day by day . Michel became skinny and weak. Michel started getting faint and sick in many events. 
She became intolerant of Christiaan pilgrims in sacred places, she also refused to take holy water and stopped attending prayers. Her known says that she was suffering from demonic possession At some time Anneliese  bark like dog, crawled under the table and act bizarre, she stripped naked, drink her urine from the floor and ate insects. 
Anneliese Michel exorcism
After many incident and no improvement in her heath there parents took her to Father Ernst Alt and he declared that she has no mental and epileptic disease. Michel  parents stopped consulting with doctor. Father Ernst Alt says that its demonic possession and urged local bishop to allow exorcism on Anneliese Michel. 
On September 1975 Bishop Josef Stangl allowed Father Arnld Renz performed an exorcism , In first exorcism they found that there are 6 demons inhabiting Michel’s body and demons were known as Cain, Lucifer, Judas Iscrariot, Adolf Hitler, Fleischman and Nero. 
Bishop Josef Stangl
Bishop Josef Stangl 

They performed a recorded session of exorcism but did not get any success. In 10 month they performed 67 sessions till 1976 until her death. Anneliese died on 1 July 1976,  before her death she stopped eating and an autopsy report state that cause of the death was malnutrition and dehydration She lost 30 Kg weight in this period and suffered of broken knees and she was no able to move without support. 
After police investigation , Anneliese parents , Father Ernst Alt and Father Arnold Renz were arrested. The state charged all four individuals with negligent homicide and they were sentenced for 6 month Jail.
Anneliese Michel exorcism case is bluer line in between supernatural power and science. There are many things which exists in this world and can not be explained by science. 
So what are your thoughts about this real life story of Anneliese Michel , do comments below your valuable thoughts on this unsolved mystery. 

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