15 % immigrants left Canada in few years only

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Recently a report showed that at least 15% of immigrants have left Canada till 2023. The bubble of glitz and glamor life there has now started bursting. For the past few years, thousands of people have been leaving Canada and shifting to other countries. Due to this, the risk of shrinking of Canada’s economy is continuously increasing. People are blaming the wrong policies of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau for their misfortunes. In such a situation, you should know what is the reason due to which people are being forced to take this decision.

Some of the main reasons why many immigrants are leaving Canada are-

Rising Radicalization 

                                      Justin turdo in gurudwara and khalistani supporters
The biggest and foremost reason which many media outlets, websites and people hesitate to talk about is Rising radicalization in Canada which is giving rise to instability in Canada and it’s economy. 

For Example – Justin is openly supporting Indian separatist movement Khalistan in order to get some votes of Sikhs community of Canada , also his government runs on the support of a Sikh separatist leader known as Jagmeet singh. Due to this Justin always supports these types of movements under the free speech excuse. These activities have degraded Canada’s relationship with India , recently India imposed travel ban to Canadian citizens,

Rising Inflation 

According to the report of Reuters agency, living and living in Canada is now becoming expensive. Due to less number of residential houses compared to the increasing population, house rents are increasing rapidly. The situation is such that people have to pay 30 percent of their income only in house rent. This is breaking their backs and they are turning to other countries.

Due to expensive houses, people are forced to live in rented houses. Due to the huge increase in fares, in the year 2021, about 85 thousand people left Canada and settled in other countries. Whereas in the next year 2022, 93 thousand people left Canada and went to other countries. So far this year, about 42 thousand have migrated from Canada.

Poor medical facilities 

Medical facilities are so expensive in Canada that if you are suffering from a very critical disease and you don’t have any insurance as an immigrant or student then availing simple medical treatment in Canada can make you poor for lifelong. 
For PR (permanent Residence ) and work permit people medical facilities are completely free. But don’t be happy after seeing this point. This free medical system is one of the main reasons for the poor medical condition of Canada. For example let’s say someone met an accident in which leg of a person is broken and after reaching to hospital he will be told come after 3 months because priority will be given only to those who are near to death. This is the reality of medical system of Canada. 

There are many more minor reason to leave Canada like harsh weather, high rate of unemployment, high taxes etc,.  But in this blog we have included 3 reasons only which are the main causes of people leaving leaving Canada within few years of immigration. 

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